Saturday, August 8, 2009

About Loulou

Let's see.....I'm a butcher, a baker, and a clothing maker! When I brought my 2nd daughter home from Guatemala a year ago I rediscovered the joy of sewing. When I was a little girl I had a children's sewing machine. I made many a Barbie doll outfit, blue jean purse, and rag doll. As an adult I sewed here and there for my boys but never had much time working full time out of the home. Last year I got a new sewing machine and rediscovered my passion. Months later I added a monogramming machine and have had even more fun! There's nothing I'd rather do than search for new fabrics and patterns. I like to use unlikely combinations and details and often like to add that "funky" edge. My girls get compliments on their clothes all the time, and I enjoy sharing the joy with you.

All my creations are made from designer fabrics. I don't use fabrics from Walmart or Hobby Lobby. All my fabrics are ordered online. I also use high quality threads, high end machines, and all my seams are professionally finished with a serger. I am concentrating on ruffle pants and skirt sets, but I would be happy to discuss making a custom set for you. All garments come finished with a size and designer tag. I look forward to making something for your child!

I suggest washing your Creations by LouLou in cold water on the Gentle Cycle. I also hang mine to dry.

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